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Cove Diary's Guide to Sennen Cove

Cove Diary's Guide to Sennen Cove

This guide is written for the broad-minded visitor who does not mind a bit of humour with his or her history and a fairly tongue-in-cheek approach to being guided about the little huddle of houses clinging to the cliff known as Sennen Cove.

It is the best complete guide on Sennen Cove in existence, mainly because it is the only complete guide on Sennen Cove in existence, although neither of those comments may be true as the author did not check first.
About The Author
The author springs from a short lived Cornish coal mining dynasty which spurned the advice of experts that the smart money was in tin. Subsequent forays into inshore whaling - "you only need to catch one instead of millions of they pilchards" - and carrot farming - "people will have 'em in a pasty, you see" - were also met with derision and dismal failure leaving the author no choice but to earn a living writing books, which is why he runs a shop in the Far West of Cornwall.

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Bus Times
Bus Times Guide

From Sennen Cove you can get to St Just, Penzance, St Ives (seasonal) and several places in between. Click the image for bus times summary.

This is intended as an informal guide. We do not recommend that you base any important personal decisions on these times. Please refer to the service providers directly.

For a more detailed view of bus times you could try the links below.

The First Bus Company.


Cornwall County Council bus information.

Visitor Information
Visitor Information Brochure

Medical Centre
Medical contacts in West Penwith
(Including veterinary)

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Marine Help
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