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Cove Diary's Guide to Sennen Cove

Cove Diary's Guide to Sennen Cove

This guide is written for the broad-minded visitor who does not mind a bit of humour with his or her history and a fairly tongue-in-cheek approach to being guided about the little huddle of houses clinging to the cliff known as Sennen Cove.

It is the best complete guide on Sennen Cove in existence, mainly because it is the only complete guide on Sennen Cove in existence, although neither of those comments may be true as the author did not check first.
About The Author
The author springs from a short lived Cornish coal mining dynasty which spurned the advice of experts that the smart money was in tin. Subsequent forays into inshore whaling - "you only need to catch one instead of millions of they pilchards" - and carrot farming - "people will have 'em in a pasty, you see" - were also met with derision and dismal failure leaving the author no choice but to earn a living writing books, which is why he runs a shop in the Far West of Cornwall.

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Fish Orders

We take orders for fish for next day delivery except Saturday and days preceeding public holidays.

Crab and lobster are generally available from the Cove and will be delivered to you live. We have tried and tested cooking and preparing instructions and will loan you a pot subject to availability.

Other fish are available from Newlyn or St Ives fish markets. Price and availability are subject to last minute changes.

Bread Orders

Our house baked bread tends to disappear very quickly in the mornings. If you want to be assured of your bloomer or baguettes why not place an order with us.

Generally we prefer a day’s warning and we may ask for payment in advance. However we have been known to turn around desperate orders within an hour but don’t bank on it at busy times!

During quieter parts of the season we will bake all bread to order. Baguettes take 20 minutes and organic loaves 45 minutes.

Newspaper Orders

To guarantee your daily or weekly newspaper or magazine (WH Smith willing) please ask at the counter to reserve your copy.

We can reserve newspapers with a day’s notice or, in the case of magazines, as much notice as possible. We will accept email requests stating the titles, start and end dates.

Please collect your order from the counter. Orders not collected by the collection day, without prior agreement, will be returned at the end of the day.

Cash Back

Your options for getting cash in Sennen Cove are limited. The Old Success and The First and Last public house both have in-house cash machines that will charge you. The Old Boathouse offers a cash back service (restrictions apply). For the nearest free ATM, it's a trip to St Just.

Our cash back service is through your UK debit card subject to a £5 minimum spend on goods (£10 for tobacco only purchases). We will make a 60p charge for the cash back service to cover our costs. The machine imposed limit is £50

Mobile Phone Top Up

We have a facility to offer mobile phone top-ups for most of the networks. We can also produce top-up vouchers if you haven't got your card with you.

We only take cash for top up transactions

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